• David

We have a name!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

In the summer of 1858 at the base of the Rocky Mountains, in the far reaches of the Kansas Territory, gold was discovered. The excitement of this discovery resulted in a rush of people to the place we now know and love as Denver, CO. This place of hope for so many became a valley of disappointment, as there wasn't much gold. The city would become a launching point for mining operations in the rockies and an important transportation hub for the railroad, but it wouldn't provide the quick riches people longed for.

People don't move to Denver for gold anymore - but we still go there with high hopes. Maybe the altitude will change things for me. Maybe the Rocky Mountains will inspire me out of my depression. Maybe the sunshine will make the difference, or perhaps the legal marijuana will take the edge off.

The longings of the human soul are complicated and many, and the people, places and things that try to satisfy our longings are without number - but none can fully satisfy the eternal yearnings that God has given us...

This results in a deferred hope that troubles the human soul. It rests on the heart as an unresolved chord that longs to be solved- sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's depressing, but sometimes it's just a sense that "there must be more to life", but it always serves a higher purpose beyond the sense itself. We believe that God has allowed people to pursue their "gold" in all the opportunities that Denver has to offer, in order to introduce them to a Hope that does not disappoint, and launch them into their higher purpose.

It's for this reason that we're naming the church "Hope Valley Church".

The inspiration for the name comes from the book of Hosea where God tells the people of Israel that He will make the Valley of Achor [which means "Valley of trouble"] into a door of hope. The door of Hope is not an object - it's the person of Jesus Christ. And through Him people who are far from God will be brought near to Him.

It's not just for those who are despairing - Hope Valley is also for those who want more than what the mountains or financial success or entertainment can offer. It's for people from every walk of life who are looking for the most satisfying and fulfilling existence. In the same way that Denver was founded to be a gold mining town, but became a launching point for many mining towns, I believe that God has allowed people to come to Denver with a dream in their heart so that Denver can be a launching point to change the world.

What longings do you have that go unsatisfied by your previous pursuits? God wants to show up in your valley of trouble/pain/sorrow/disappointment/failure and supply a Hope that does not disappoint in Jesus.