• David

Promotions for everyone!

Every time that a leader moves to a new place, it initiates a reshuffling of the people who remain that fills the leadership voids that would otherwise be created. Unless of course, you want to do something completely different, or stop doing what was getting done. It's no different at church. Whether you are talking about a greeter at the door, a kids worker, worship team member or Pastor of any level when leaders get moved, everyone else has an opportunity (and responsibility) to move as well.

This is not something that we should fear, but it is a process that God invites us to trust Him in and through. This is not a time to watch Pastor Eddy and Pastor Jermaine step into leadership and "see what happens." This is a time for all of us to cultivate new relationships, to step up and serve, and continue to express the heart of God in everything we do.

God has spent the last days, weeks and months (even years) preparing you to step up and lead in a greater capacity...and now it's your turn.

In other words...WE'RE ALL GETTING PROMOTED! Or as Oprah would say, "It's a promotion for you! and for you! and for you! and for you!" and so on... But while the promotion is for you, it's not just for your own benefit.

Promotion is not about "getting yours", but about giving God "His". It's about honoring Him by stewarding your gifts, relationships and resources in a way that make him famous in your life and in our community. That's something that doesn't stop during times of transition - if anything, it becomes even more important.

Every transition is the invitation of God for us to serve humbly and love more deeply than ever before.