• David

Power to give

On a recent flight, the guy next to me noticed my phone was flirting with death. It had that little sliver of red that indicated that I was about to be sentenced to a 4 hour flight with only a skymall magazine to read.

He held out a charging cable and without saying a word, he invited me to use his cable. I asked how long I could use the cable, and he said "Use it until you're fully charged. I've got plenty of power."

There was a time earlier in the day that he needed power, and there would be a time later in the day that he would need power... but right now he had so much power that he had power to give! It didn't even matter to me why he was looking at my phone- I had a need, and he had a solution for me.

When Jesus rose from the Dead, He demonstrated that He had not only the power to create, but the power to overcome anything that would oppose, or stand against Him. He doesn't just have power for Himself, but He has enough power to give. This is why He was able to promise the disciples that they would receive power to be His witnesses when the Spirit of God came to them. (Acts 1:6-8)


I want to encourage you that no matter what you're facing today, God has sufficient power for you and unlike the guy in 27a, He never has and never will run out of power.

...no matter what you're facing, God has sufficient power for you; and unlike the guy in seat 27a, Jesus never has and never will run out of power.

If you find yourself in that place of need, you can talk to God directly and confess your weakness/need/desperation and invite the life of Jesus to live in you. If you don't know how to do that, you can shoot me a note and I'd love to help you make that declaration.

Finally, when you get filled (or maybe you're already filled up), go and share that power with someone who has need. Share liberally because HE won't run out.


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