• David

The Hardest Conversation

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

The hardest conversation so far has been with our kids. I dreaded it because they have had the same friends for most of their life- and their friends are awesome. Like with many of the conversations, it was met with tears and concern about losing their friends - just like we expected. Everyone went to bed a little bit sad that night, but we woke up to something entirely different.

The peace of God welcomed us the next morning with thoughts of adventure, and filled with hope for the mission of God. Tears gave way to plans and conversations about what to name the church (we don't have a name yet), what kind of house we will live in, and whether or not we will watch movies in the car during our long drive.

Our kids are excited for the adventure and they're excited about establishing a new church. I can't wait to see the kind of courage that this journey builds in my kids as we all learn to walk our our faith together. I'm glad we didn't hold back from having this hard conversation.

Whether you are called to go somewhere, or just called to be different where you are, what hard conversations do you need to have that can unlock the next steps for your life?

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