• David

Learning to Pray

"God teaches us to pray by inviting us to do the impossible." ~ Pastor Carol Grossman

Prayer is a big part of how I got started on this church planting journey so it may not come as a surprise that I thought I was an expert at prayer. But just a few months in, God is already showing me I had a pretty limited understanding of the purpose and power of prayer.

What I had was a comfortable routine marked by lots of obligatory prayers, prayers of gratitude/thanksgiving, prayers of repentance (a changing of my heart and mind) and occasional crisis prayers.

In other words, many of my prayers were low-faith prayers that I could handle on my own - just in case God decided not to move on my behalf. This church plant brings me to a place where I am incapable of produce what God is asking for, and prayer is the means by which it will be accomplished.

We could move to Denver without faith in God to do the miraculous. Certainly we can have meetings, build relationships, and we can even have good music and a great service - but unless the presence of God is experienced and enjoyed in those moments and places, then they don't amount to much more than a sing along and a hyped up ted talk - which falls far short of the reasons why we are moving in the first place.

We are believing for thousands of people to have their lives changed through this church as broken lives are mended, relationships are restored, people have their purposes realized, addictions are broken and transformation comes to the City of Denver one life at a time. None of which are possible for us to accomplish.

The call to Denver is my invitation to do the impossible, and through it God is teaching me to pray. I'd love it if you would join me in praying for the City of Denver and this Church Plant - that God will show up in a remarkable way and that many thousands of lives will be transformed. ...and while you're at it consider this question:

What impossible thing has God called you to do in order to teach you to pray?

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