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How It Started

I created the "Family Room" Category so my kids can contribute to the blog as they feel inspired. Today's post is shared by our 10 year old daughter, Abigail:

It was one of those days when you knew that from that point on your life would change forever.

My mom and dad called me inside to talk, my heart was racing because something was not right. My mom and dad started to talk about how a lot of people move because they are listening to God and planting new churches all around the world.🌎🌍🌏

And right then and there my parents said it, they said that we would be planting a new church in Denver CO.

In that moment it felt that everything I had worked on just vanished in thin air,I ran upstairs and all I could think about was all the things I would leave behind like my friends, blossom(that is the horse I ride), and all the things I have accomplished her in Virginia.

As I started to thing about it, I realized that we were moving to Denver for God, and as I thought and thought and thought I remembered that I would do anything for my Lord.

Later that week God told me that even though I would be 25 hours away from home he would protect every second of the wild adventure he would send me through. And I realized that it. wasn't going to that bad after all.😜


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