• David

Good Idea, Bad Idea. Part 2 - Should I go?

In this Church Plant edition of "Good Idea, Bad Idea" I want to share a few good reasons vs bad reasons to go on a church plant.... This will be an incomplete list, but it's important to get the ball rolling. I'll list some bad reasons first so that I can end with a positive note.

BAD Reasons

  1. You want more time with the Pastor. My goal is not to import a lot of relationships, my goal is to go and impact a city. We need people who are aligned with he vision and excited to go start a lot of new relationships.

  2. You will have more influence in a smaller church. Sure the congregation will be smaller for a time, but small is not the goal so that's a pretty short term goal.

  3. You are scared of things changing here. Maybe you're in the Sterling congregation and you are nervous about things changing... but when you go on a church plant, virtually everything changes. Besides, the changes that are taking place in Sterling are really really good - and I kinda wish I could stay and have a front row seat.

  4. You feel unappreciated here. We're not going to Denver because we were formally invited by the consensus of everyone in the city. This is a sacrifice of love, and a working out of our following of Jesus.

  5. You heard good things about Denver. That's a great reason to visit! But does not warrant a call.

  6. Because you want out of your current situation. Situations have a funny way of finding us wherever we are....

  7. Your friends are going. This is another great reason to visit, but does not necessarily warrant a call.

  8. It will be fun. It will be an incredible adventure and a lot of fun at times, but it's also going to be really hard.

  9. "You want a taste of the glory. To see what it tastes like..." - Nacho Libre. Church planting is hard and hidden work - no lights, no background music (we don't even own a speaker yet), and no haze machine. At least for now. haha.

  10. You want to build the church of your dreams.

  11. For the weed.

GOOD Reasons

  1. God is calling you. This is really the only reason to go. and the following 5 points are just ways to help discern the cal in addition to checking with the Pastors and prophetic voices in your life.

  2. To honor God by following through on the great commission. (Matthew 28:16-20)

  3. Because the Harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few, and you are ready to work. (Matt 9:37-38)

  4. Because you have faith to sacrifice and lay down your life as it is right now and to partner in what God is doing in a new city.

  5. The City of Denver could use (another) great church, and you are willing to sacrifice to help it become a reality.

  6. You are ready to sacrifice your time, energy, talents and resources to show the love of God to people you don't even know yet.

The bottom line is that church planting is hard, and it's going to require more of you than you expect and require more sacrifice than you can plan for, But if God is calling you to do this, it's the best decision you could ever make.

...and I will be with you even to the end of the age. ~Matthew 28:20

If you are feeling the call of God to go, shoot me a note at dhermes@gracecov.org and lets learn what God is up to.