• David

Good Idea, Bad Idea. Part 1

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Animaniacs was my favorite cartoon as a kid. One of my favorite segments was the "Good Idea. Bad Idea." segment where they contrast a normal activity with a strange variation of that activity. The segment highlighted the irony of the English language or challenged social norms to find possible humor in every day life.

I didn't know it at the time, but these brief intermissions shaped my thinking quite a bit, and I often catch myself looking at the lens through the "good idea. bad idea." For example...

  • Good Idea: describing how Jesus spit into the dirt and put the mud in someones eye (and they were healed). Bad Idea: spitting in the dirt and putting your heel in their eye.

  • Good Idea: talking about how Jesus flipped the tables at the temple. Bad Idea: flipping the tables over in the church lobby to make a point.

I thought about the church plant through this lens as well - especially early in the process - to help me discern whether this was right for me and my family at this time... and here are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind.

Bad Ideas

  1. You really want to preach/teach. Why? Because you risk building church around your desire to do something instead of building a redemptive community. Besides, that's only a small part of the "job."

  2. Because things are relationally hard where you are. Why? Because there's nothing relationally easy about moving away from people that you love, and moving to a place where you know few people.

  3. Because things are vocationally hard where you are. Why? I'm only at the starting line on this thing, but it's clear to me that this is not the easy path.

  4. You want to be recognized/celebrated. Why? Ed Stetzer says it best.. "If you want people to like you, sell ice-cream.

  5. You believe you are better than someone else.

  6. Because someone else thinks it's a good idea.

  7. To prove something about yourself. If you want to prove yourself, climb a mountain.

Good Ideas:

  1. Because the world is hurting and needs to the relief and transformation that comes only from God.

  2. To honor God by following through on the great commission. (Matthew 28:16-20)

  3. Because we serve a missionary God who left heaven to establish His kingdom among sinners - and you want to do that too.

  4. Because the cost to not plant is greater than what it costs to plant.

  5. Because the Harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few... (Matt 9:37-38)

  6. Because you and others affirm the call of God on your life to lead this kind of endeavor.

Clearly these are not complete lists, and I might look back at this in a month and groan with disappointment, but I believe they're worth thinking about...