• David

Discipleship Lessons

A few weeks can pass in a flinch. It turns out that keeping up a blog while trying to finish grad school, leading a congregation and planting a church is tough, haha. TONS of stuff has happened the last few weeks, and I'm going to try and catch you up, but I want to share a few thoughts on discipleship and leadership.

Here's a summary of a conference I attended last week - boiled down into a single point per session.

Before you can make disciples, you must be a disciple. ~Deborah Murrell
Picture from our sister church in Brisbane: http://enbrisbane.org/discipleship/

1. Making Disciples is the Main Thing.A clear discipleship process (4 E's in this case - I'll describe this in a later post) helps to focus your vision and helps to create a narrow field of vision which provides contrast and clarity in a jungle of ministry opportunities and methods.

- Pastor Kevin York

2. Senior leaders have 3 jobs:

1) Making disciples. 2) Facilitating corporate worship. 3) Intentionally developing leaders. People will forget most sermons, but a foundation is forever. - Pastor Steve Murrell

2. We need to be HUUUUNNGRY:

85% of Christians own Bibles, but only 19% read them. We need to be hungry (pronounced huuunngry) for the word of God in our lives. If you're not hungry for the word, there's a strong likelihood that you're filling up on junk food. - Pastor Chris Johnson

3. Stop tracking things you don't care about!

In regards to church culture and leadership: What you measure grows, what you celebrate excels. Therefore, kill the activities/goals/targets that you do not measure or celebrate because it's abusing your time. - Pastor Shaddy

4. It's OK to lament and grieve.

"He who promised is faithful!" Therefore, we can live confidently as we wait for the promises of God to be fulfilled. - Kelly Owens

"Our bad things turn out for good. Our good things can never be lost. And the best things are yet to come." ~Jonathan Edwards

5. Foundations are laid at the beginning.

You either did this on purpose or you didn't. - Pastor Rice Broocks

6. Have Fun!

When there is an atmosphere of expectation, people will enjoy the process, complete the process and GROW! - Amy Solimon

I hope this is encouraging to you, and inspires your faith to grow. More soon....

Bonus quote:

“If you make disciples, you get the Church.  If you make a church, you rarely get disciples.”  - Mike Breen