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Updated: Oct 25, 2018

"Set your alarm for 9:38 every day. Use this as a reminder to pray for laborers to enter the harvest field." ~Gregg Tipton

That was the challenge posed to me a few years ago by a friend who refused to let me get comfortable where I am.

It's a challenge based on Matthew 9:37-38 where Jesus tells his disciples that the harvest is plentiful - there are tons of people who are desperate for the hope, relief, and joy that comes from knowing God (more on this in a later post) - and we need to trust God to send people to go and bring the message of the Gospel to life in these communities.

So I did it.

I didn't always turn it on, and I often turned off the alarm without praying. Even with my half-way effort it changed my life. As I prayed for the harvest and for laborers, my prayers overflowed from the DC Metro Area to other regions in the US, people groups within the US and nations abroad. My heart began to yearn more deeply to see more people know the God of the Bible and learn to love and follow Him. I've prayed for people in nations that I've never been to, and have wept for people I will never know.

Among the places that God put on my heart was the city of Denver. A place I had never been to ...but through prayer - one minute at a time - God cultivated a heart that cries out for God to manifest His lovingkindness and faithfulness in the City of Denver. It took conversations with my pastors and elders to understand that this burden wasn't about God sending someone else - this was the call of God for me and my family.

I thought I was just setting my alarm to pray, but God was setting me up to Go.

Now here's what Gregg didn't tell me: Several verses later Jesus anoints these same disciples (who he told to pray) and sent them into the fields that they were praying for. It was a divine set up, and God used their prayers to make them aware of the call that God had for their lives.

So what makes this a dangerous prayer? When you draw near to God and ask Him to do something, He may just ask you to do the thing that needs to be done. As the disciples went, so do I...

Now it's your turn.

clearly not 9:38....

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