• David

Bylaws and stuff

In case you've been wondering what goes into a church plant at this stage, here's a bunch of stuff that we've been working on lately for the church plant in no particular order...

- Naming the church (official announcement coming soon!)

- Logo design

- Finding a decent URL.

- Identifying/inviting the church board of directors.

- Building Budgets/Financial Planning

- Raising the budget through financial partnership development

- Team Building.

- Building a Financial partnership team.

- Legal paperwork (articles of incorporate and bylaws and stuff)

- Getting myself hired by the church.

- Finding a bank in Denver.

- Identifying who we will use to process moneys.

- Mission statements and vision statements and stuff.

- Lots of praying.

"THANK GOD!" for friends who are willing to work with me to grind through this stuff!

Most of these aren't exactly the kinds of things that help me wake up excited in the morning, but it's building toward the stuff that does...