• David

A Church by any other name...

"What are you going to name it?"

This one of the the most often asked question so far. Even as I write this my phone is exploding with name suggestions from a friend who is eager for us to have a name - most of them are weed related puns, and some of them are hilarious. But for as creative as he is, don't still don't have one yet.

It's a great question! Names carry a lot of weight. People will make judgements about who we are based on our name that will prove to be true or false, and the name is something that can either work in our favor or against us.

We'll name it soon. Right now I'm concerned with a few other questions: "Who are we going to be?" and "what are we going to do?". When we can find a name that adequately describes our mission, we'll let you know. We won't overdue it, but I might even have a dramatic "name reveal" party or something.

We'll have a sweet logo, some t-shirts, business cards and some social media will be properly branded. In the meantime we will continue to just pray and dream about what God wants to do in this great city without the pressure of a campaign.

If we get desperate, we can always use this church name generator. I'm sure that nothing could go wrong there... haha.

Stay tuned :-)