• David

(720) Challenge

(720) is one of the area codes that services Highland, Denver, Colorado where we are planning to establish the new church. The (720) Challenge is to set your alarm for 7:20 (am or pm) each day to pray for the church plant. Here's a quick guide for how you can help us pray:


We are planting this church so that people who are far from God can be brought near to Him...

So on Sundays we pray for the salvation/redemption of the city. This is a huge prayer and cannot/will not be accomplished through one church. (The good news is that there are already some amazing churches doing great things in the City that God is using mightily.)

This Church will be a place of refuge and redemption for artists and athletes, atheists and agnostics, people who gave up on church and people who long for something different and that salvation would come to all of us.

We're also praying for our future church services- that they would be remarkable moments and impactful as all people from all walks of life could come and experience the grace of God to know, trust and follow Jesus.


On Mondays we're praying for all of the resources that are required to launch as strong as possible...

So on Mondays we are praying specifically for money (and other resources). In addition to me, we have 5 people raising funds to be able to devote themselves to this work in a full time capacity including 3 full-time missionaries to the college campuses. We are believing for all of these needs to be met.

We are also praying for our team members who are looking for full-time work in Denver. We are expectant for promotions and for jobs that supply more than enough for the work ahead. As a part of this, we are also praying that God would multiply what we have and allow it to go much further than expected. (discounted houses in. good neighborhoods, cars don't break down, and so on...).

We are also asking God to put it on the hearts of other churches and organizations to partner with us to establish this church with special, one time gifts or sustaining monthly partnerships for the first 3 years.


God is bringing an army of people together in order to establish this church...

So on Tuesdays we pray for all of them. We've got a GO Team. A PRAY Team and a FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIP TEAM. On Tuesdays we thank God for the prayer team and the financial partnership teams: for God to sustain them, and bless them as they are being a blessing to us.

We also pray for the GO Team members by name. For grace, anointing, favor, strength, courage and conviction to do what God is calling us to do. We are also praying for our future LAUNCH Team. Our Launch Team is the people who are moving to Denver + the locals who is called to be a part of launching the church.


Shalom (Hebrew: שָׁלוֹם‬ ) is a Hebrew word that speaks to "comprehensive wellness."

On Wednesday we pray for the emotional, physical and spiritual health/wellness of our Team. This includes rest, peace and prosperity. (Biblical prosperity, not the weird version of prosperity)

This is a prayer for the future of our church as well. That it will be a place where people come and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and they would experience supernatural wellness.


On Thursdays we pray for the 90,000 college students in Denver.

Trivoli is an incredible campus right in the heart of the city that houses 3 colleges. We pray for this campus (and all of the other major campuses in and around Denver) on Thursdays because the alliteration works well. We're asking God for an awakening to occur in the next generation that turns the city right side up. We are believing for the kind of revolution that obliterates depression and suicide rates. We are expectant for God to move on the hearts of young people, faculty and staff and help them to know the purpose God created them for.

Join us as we pray for the students, faculty and staff of University of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver Community College, Aurora Community College, Regis University, University of Colorado- Denver, University of Northern Colorado, Denver School of Mines, University of Colorado- Boulder, Colorado State, and more...


Faith Fridays are dedicated to "praying the prayers that we would be afraid to speak out loud. " ~Grace

This is where we pray for things that would sound silly if we served anything less than an all powerful God. You can join us in praying for buildings, people, revivals, miracles, signs and wonders and whatever other big dreams God puts on your heart. If you have any ideas as you pray these prayers, lets us know!


Our families are our first ministry and greatest stewardship...

So on Saturdays we pray for our family and friends. We are asking that in the midst of all of the other things battling for our attention, that God would allow us keep a proper perspective and love our families well. We are trusting God to use this entire process to help us all love one another well, and grow closer to Jesus.