Power to give

On a recent flight, the guy next to me noticed my phone was flirting with death. It had that little sliver of red that indicated that I was about to be sentenced to a 4 hour flight with only a skymall magazine to read. He held out a charging cable and without saying a word, he invited me to use his cable. I asked how long I could use the cable, and he said "Use it until you're fully charged. I've got plenty of power." There was a time earlier in the day that he needed power,

Learning to Pray

"God teaches us to pray by inviting us to do the impossible." ~ Pastor Carol Grossman Prayer is a big part of how I got started on this church planting journey so it may not come as a surprise that I thought I was an expert at prayer. But just a few months in, God is already showing me I had a pretty limited understanding of the purpose and power of prayer. What I had was a comfortable routine marked by lots of obligatory prayers, prayers of gratitude/thanksgiving, prayers of


"Set your alarm for 9:38 every day. Use this as a reminder to pray for laborers to enter the harvest field." ~Gregg Tipton That was the challenge posed to me a few years ago by a friend who refused to let me get comfortable where I am. It's a challenge based on Matthew 9:37-38 where Jesus tells his disciples that the harvest is plentiful - there are tons of people who are desperate for the hope, relief, and joy that comes from knowing God (more on this in a later post) - and