Good Idea, Bad Idea. Part 1

Animaniacs was my favorite cartoon as a kid. One of my favorite segments was the "Good Idea. Bad Idea." segment where they contrast a normal activity with a strange variation of that activity. The segment highlighted the irony of the English language or challenged social norms to find possible humor in every day life. I didn't know it at the time, but these brief intermissions shaped my thinking quite a bit, and I often catch myself looking at the lens through the "good idea.

Different from every other Church

One of the more interesting questions that I have been asked during this process is "How will this be different from every other church?" It was a fair question, but it gave me pause. My goal is not to do something different from every other Church. In fact there's a lot that I want to reproduce in Denver, but I don't want to blindly copy what has worked here, either. Throughout the generations, people have made the "Church" to be a lot of things... and in the times that man

To my congregation

In the morning we are going to meet together to celebrate Jesus and enjoy being together... and I have to tell you that I am in the process of going to a new city to plant a church. I have been intimidated by this day ever since it became clear that God is calling us to go - second only to the intimidation of having to tell our kids that we are going to move away. Some of you will be mad. Some will be sad. Some won't care at all. Several people will come up with reasons why t

It's in my DNA

A couple of weeks ago, I had a panicked moment when I asked myself (again) "Why on earth am I going to exchange a whole lot of things that I love and I'm comfortable with (GCC, a great job, the area I grew up in, friends, family) for a congregation that does not exist yet, an area I have never lived in, a place where I know only a few people, and a place so far from my brother and sisters?" As I considered my upbringing, I realized it's in my DNA. I can't not do this. 1. It'